Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the structure of K-12 education has shifted to virtual or hybrid learning. Online education has become challenging for parents, students, and teachers alike.


How might we make learning during a pandemic a little easier for everyone and foster a sense of community during a season of isolation?

Visual Design


Service Design

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With a focus on high school students, Tote is an app that utilizes vacant school buses to bring resources to the neighborhoods of students.


The buses will be equipped with WiFi, free and reduced-cost meals, books, and school supplies, while also giving the community a chance to get involved by having a forum for school supply donations and the opportunity to tutor youth.

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The Community needs

  • a way to feel useful and fulfill their goals to give back

  • a way to refer to resources

  • a way to help and connect with someone in need so that they can feel like they’re making a difference

  •  to know where they are needed 

  • a way to empathize with the community so that they can find out what needs they can offer

  • a way to network with people outside of their class bubble to find those in need​

The Student needs

  • resources that will help them achieve their goals

  • support during a season of isolation

  •  a way to feel a sense of community so that they can feel like they matter/belong

  • a sense of control over their current situation

  • an easy way to save money

  • a way to socialize in person safely, or in a digital manner that feels similar so that they feel a human connection.

  • something to ground them


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Tote's audience covers a range of users such as students, teachers, and those who simply want to give. It is important that the look and feel of the app appeal to all involved. The brand resembles public transportation with neutral colors and shapes that convey movement and direction.